Year Of The Shitsu 2007 Mimetic- Resolution- Cartridge- View- Motherboard- Easy-To-Install Upgrade For Infernatron/ Interlace TP Systems For Home, Office Or Mobile (sic): Watercolor #8

by Pasadena Adjacent



Yes, David Foster Wallace [again]. I’m in love with a dead man.

~~awkward segue~~

My #8 pleine air watercolor in 33 years. I’ve been going on about wanting something other then what I’m successful at. And it didn’t help that a friend of mine, who only recently picked up the brush and is doing these knock out watercolors, sent me yet another stunner. Everything I wish mine to be. True, I’m jealous AND I love a dead man. Time to shake the Q’uyas, spit the Florida Water and tie another ribbon to the death arrow. They say that the core task of the shaman is to dream her world into being. That’s the plan anyhow.

[WARNING SHOP TALK] This session took place at the Arroyo Seco Casting Pond in Pasadena. I chose to only bring out my large Chinese brushes so as not to get caught up in the painstaking details. Loose and immediate was the achieved goal. Clarity was too; FAIL. Just not enough solid areas to rest the eye. The green masses above the sycamore branches were meant to be the distant evergreens on that ridge that runs down to the Colorado Street Bridge. Also the streetlight. Never paint geometric curves first. And somehow I managed to completely leave out the bench that was in the lower left hand corner. But there are areas I’m fond of. The building on the right and the use of blue, the center sycamore, phalo green receptacle and the areas left unpainted. It’s bright and crisp – not overworked. All good.

Next week the plan is to meet at Bailey Canyon Park. I won’t likely make it because of other plans – that I’ll let you in on in the next post.