Watercolor #10 in 33 Years: Barbara’s Bungalow

by Pasadena Adjacent



This is watercolor #10 in 33 years. Our pleine air adventure was at the South Pasadena home of our fearless leader Barbara. A sweet little 1920’s craftsman bungalow with original tile and bath features. To welcome us, Barbara managed to put out a highly edible spread before our 9 AM arrival (10 for me). Prosciutto was involved.

[WARNING SHOP TALK] Saturday turned out to be one of those overcast days without descent shadows or highlights. Of course I don’t allow these facts to interfere with my circus. I went over the edge with my Chinese ink brush and a bottle of Frisket. Frisket is a masking material you apply to areas you don’t want paint to penetrate. Later you go back with a gum eraser and rub the Frisket off. I seem to be alone in my addiction to Frisket.

Mr V thought the purple craftsman was a little harsh, but he came around when I started putting in the finishing touches. Now it’s his favorite. I like the diagonal created by the three trees, but I should of eased up on the density of the Italian Stone Point pine. That would have put it more in the distance. It was the first thing I did and maybe my first mistake. Barbara’s backyard mini jungle bumped me out of my David Hockney period. At least that’s what Mr V said. He compared me to Henri Rousseau.

Yeah, sure, why not

Frankie the dog decided to hang out with me. He sensed I was the weakest link in the crowd. Might have something to do with those crumbs of Prosciutto I kept dropping. Barbara was delighted that I included Frankie in the painting – but I warned her that I hadn’t left enough room for his legs. You know, Frankie the Dachshund. Fortunatly I avoided that pitfall. Now he looks like a meatloaf.

For Sale: Purple Bungalow 12″ x 16″ on Arches archival paper $250.00 unframed accesspalm@gmail.com