Shaman Adjacent

by Pasadena Adjacent

Shamnic_01 IMG_4046

Someone told me “protect your psyche” another person told me “they’re not your tribe” and someone else told me “hold your sacred ground.”  I’m working on it. A year ago after completing the shamanic series, I joined a ‘Ayllu’ community.

Synchronicity is at play.

The nature based shamanism I’m studying is practiced by the Peruvian Q’ero of the South Central Andes. The above is from my initiation ceremony. The stick with the yarn is called a death arrow. You take a negative thought and project it onto the yarn. End of the month you throw it into a fire. In the center of the circle is a mesa (traveling alter). Mine is a bag of rocks ‘Q’uyas’ collected on hikes. My spirit animal, known as a ‘Ukhuakunais,’ is the desert Tortoise. My spirit aids are the Bobcat and Trout. I attend solstice gatherings and exchange art for energy readings (creativity and healing.) No Ayahuasca involved. Yet.

2014 = a Metro commission, a body of ceramic sculpture, a return to painting.

Stay tuned for plein air watercolor #14.