The T’s Have It

by Pasadena Adjacent


There are two kinds of cats at Rancho Liz, those I pursue and those that show up. Uninvited.  The ‘chosen ones’ are given names that start with a T. The unchosen aren’t. Think Eleanor and Peoples. Yes. It’s an upstairs downstairs system at Rancho Liz. And we’re running out of “T” names.

Tammy – Tuffy – Tommy – Tigger – Tess – Tyrone – Tootsy – Tasha – Trouble – Tobby – Tucker – Tulip – Tovah – Trixie – Truman – Thurston – Twyla.

Fate had three years to find Twyla a sister wife, and it didn’t happen.  So I threw the net wide. Retired show cats, shelters, and rescues. Eventually I discovered the Oriental Siamese Breeders page via Face Book.

And this is how my girl and I first met. Through the above photo. Her daddy’s a Russian communist. Her mom lives in Bakersfield. I immediately put dibs on her. She’s 8 weeks old in the photo, though in real time she was nearing 4 months. And turns out – the runt. So I hoped for the best, and picked her up two weeks later at a cat show in Glendale. On a Saturday (no watercolor).


Below are the list of available T’s I’m considering.

Talulah – Twinkles – Theda – Truly – Tilda – Thalia and Thea.

I love the name Theda, but I always pictured that one with a Siamese. And I love the name Tulip – but it’s been used; and on a cat that didn’t make it past one years old. I may back out of the tradition (after all, she is a second cat) and name her Darla. Remember Darla from Our Gang? her.

My pretty green eyed girl is a Cinnamon Ticked Tabby Oriental Short Hair. Basically a Siamese thats been crossed generations back with an Abyssinian. She is soooo sweet.

And Twyla hates her