Watercolor #20 in 33 Years: Holy Family Church

by Pasadena Adjacent


Church.Garrisonenlarge to appreciate

En Plaine Air Painting #20 on a Saturday morning. This session took place at the highly baroque ‘Holy Family Church’ located in South Pasadena. Baroque is a bitch. And since I’m not one to focus (crop) in on a manageable area, I get to experience the pain of full ‘representation’ in all it’s gory glory. But I did pretty good too. An added bonus is that one of our watercolor fellows is a member of the church and wants to include our results in the Church’s book store. That’s one way to get me into a church.

[WARNING SHOP TALK] I was able to move my Spanish revival palette into a warm yellow/green rather then the usual purple/pink spectrum. There’s a little bit of wonky happening with the architecture. I’m good with that. Yes, there are areas I’d like to redo; mainly the lighting on the different layers of concrete facade as it goes back in space, (check the original photo).  A favorite is the incense cedar’s color system on the far right. It reminds me of orange crate art and other prints of that era. Oh, and the lights; note the illumination. And just to make sure no one thinks the hillside in the far distance is the San Gabriel’s, I’ve added the South Pasadena water tower.

*The Waterlogue app translations are in the video