Watercolor #21 in 33 Years: Colby Canyon Fire

by Pasadena Adjacent


colby_1enlarge to appreciate 

Plein Air painting #21 was not accomplished en plain air. Barbara had family matters to attend to, so our Saturday session was cancelled. I could of gone out on my own, but I like the social aspect involved painting with such nice and talented people. That said, I’m trying to make a discipline of creating a painting a week. If something comes up, I don’t have a problem pulling out a photo to work from. This image is from a photo taken on the hill rising behind Church of Angels on Ave 64. It’s of the 2014 Colby Canyon fire. The houses in the foreground are of a 60’s subdivision referred to as the “Arroyo View Estates”

[WARNING SHOP TALK] I have a fear of the dark. Putting in those dark blue roofs was an act of courage. And this painting was a challenge. I doubt I could have done it ‘pleine air.’ Just so complicated; requiring a ton of plotting. There must be 50 buildings that I was trying to keep separate through color, contrast, walls, shadows and trees. And the smoke — I pulled it off (imperfectly).

Strangely, I disliked this painting the evening that I finished it. After a nights sleep, I felt just the opposite. I would defiantly encourage you to ‘enlarge to appreciate.’ The beauty is in the details.

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