Watercolor #23 in 33 Years: Arlington Gardens Spring

by Pasadena Adjacent

AG_Springenlarge to appreciate

En Plaine Air Painting #22 on a Saturday morning. This session took advantage of the springtime display at Arlington Gardens. I’ve done a painting of this garden before – and with better results. Of course you knew my string of successes wouldn’t last. I did. Maybe it was the exuberance of springtime? Or that I created the painting from a compilation of three different viewpoints (always dangerous). My inner editor has always had trouble with abundance. Those of refined taste understand the concept of more is less. Those of us who survive on less know that more is more. Best to keep around ‘more’ for a rainy day.

[WARNING SHOP TALK] This painting is a combination of good, bad and ugly. The good is that most of the painting was done on site. And if it were possible to crop out some elements, move things around a bit, we’d have good. That’s my goal: to complete a painting on site. Which requires that I loosen up and learn to edit (the genius of waterlogue – results in video). I’m just not sure what’s bad. Is bad just another way of saying ‘too much’? Like the Pepper (bush). Mr V really likes it. The object that looks like a blanket is an umbrella. Failed at getting that detail across – and don’t even get me started on the agave. Or the Gazebo. Barbara pointed out that the trees are not in fruit. I pointed out that I like my cliches. Including the palm – which is good.

If I were to do this painting again, it could be good. And since I just purchased over a 130 bucks on 9 tubes of watercolors (on sale) I might.

The recommended Holbein Watercolor palette of Pasadena’s Mr Watercolor Joseph Stoddard.