Watercolor #24 in 33 Years: Pasadena Power Plant

by Pasadena Adjacent


IMG_2253smApril 18 2015

I mentioned earlier in my blog about a run of successes being followed by a few duds. This is the final dud in that series. Waterlogue wins. Although I remain on the fence as to the Garfield Park painting.

En pleine air #24 took place at that little industrial section bordering Raymond Hill in South Pasadena. It sits between railroad tracks and the Pasadena Freeway and south of Glenarm. After exploring my compositional options and discovering that most were without shade, I chose to lean up against a wall on a cardboard box I dug out of the garbage of the nearby Raymond Restaurant. And things went south from there. Which is too bad because I really like this area and had high hopes.

[WARNING SHOP TALK] This composition required a keen sense of perspective — which I wasn’t up to. It’s called a one point perspective. Happening in the basic set up, the foreground wall and R.R. tracks leading to one point — but all the other lines within the elements (building and industrial) aren’t really corresponding to that single point. I completely mishandled the sky and mountains compressing east to west and expanding north to south. The color – bleh. The industrial towers? I just couldn’t figure out how to edit them and have them make sense. I like the treatment for the fountain grass on the left, the deep green reflection on the building and the purple shadow cast by the right hand wall. I don’t hate it. It just fell short of my ambitions. And I learn from those experiences too.

The good news is that I’m back on a winning streak. #25 turns out to be my favorite of all – and #26 is a close contender. I’m excited to show you. Stay tuned.