Watercolor #32 in 33 Years: Farnsworth Park

by Pasadena Adjacent




Farnsworth Park has been the site of many a blogger’s picnic. Created in 1934, it’s a lovely W.P.A. sponsored river rock community center that includes a spectacular amphitheater. Something I might take on at a future date. When I got to the park, the sun was blasting and the humidity was high. Sending me in search of a shady spot with a passable angle. And this was it. Regrettably the drawing was in place before the sun disappeared into June Gloom, leaving me with an odd angle and limited highlights and contrast.

I need a proper pleine air set-up – and a pony.

[WARNING SHOP TALK] River rocks are the bane of my existence. Depicting a million of them is maddening. But I did a decent job of giving each and everyone a certain individuality. Shingles are a close second. And if I were a better painter, I’d know how to economize my energy to get the point across without the added labor. But I’m not there — so the added labor becomes ‘style.’

Did you catch my screw up?