Watercolor #33 in 33 Years: Overlooking the Arroyo

by Pasadena Adjacent



This is my second attempt to paint the Colorado Street Bridge in 33 years. The first time was in oils for Dr. Thompson’s class. The only art professor I knew who had a doctorate degree. The Greatest Generation got the ‘greatest breaks’ when it came to education. Seems my older professors all had golden handshake retirement deals, beach front property and second homes in Europe. Anyhow, I recall the entire painting was in shades of mauve and painted from below La Casita Del Arroyo. If your familiar with the Arroyo, this particular view point is from the banks of the Arroyo: that area containing the remnants of a fountain. Some shade was available, but not where I could pull up a log and be comfortable. So I spread out a blanket, did what I could, then came back later in the afternoon (with a chair) and finished up.

[WARNIG SHOP TALK] The light source on the Federal building is off. So is it’s size; plus it’s tilting into the Arroyo. I (unfortunately) tend to tackle the thing I’m most nervous about first. The light in the morning is opposite of the afternoon light. A problem for both the Federal building and the bridge. Fudging was necessary. You might also notice my condensed perspective. There are additions of rock and buckwheat not seen in the video. I like the foliage, the craftsman cottage, the globular lights on the bridge and the mountains.