Watercolor #35 in 33 Years: The Rose Home

by Pasadena Adjacent




I believe this little house is recorded as being the oldest wood structure in the San Gabriel Valley. It was built in 1861 by Leonard J. Rose. A senator, rancher and father to California Impressionist Guy Rose. It’s where you get all those ‘other’ rose names – Roses Rd, Rosemead, Rose Hills. Very close to where I grew up – behind Clairbourn school. I went to a party here once – that blue rectangle in the mid area is a swimming pool. I wish I had a pool.

[WARNING SHOP TALK] The best viewpoint would have had me sitting in full sun or coming back in the late afternoon to catch the right light. There’s not much I dislike or particularly like about this painting. Most of it was done on site. I  wasn’t inspired. Too close to the ‘house of pain’ – my childhood home. The historical nature of the house got lost a bit and I wish I had extended the foliage of the oak beyond the picture plane. It looks too much like buzz cut. The background and the hedge on the right works. A kind of tropical feel.

More on the history of the area here