Watercolor #39 in 35 Years: The Old Mill in San Marino

by Pasadena Adjacent



A blistering day awaited us when we made our way to the Old Mill in San Marino. Otherwise referred to as El Molino Viejo. Upon arrival we found the joint set up for a wedding. This made certain areas off limits, and other areas too hot to endure. What was left was a rounded pergola with a view obscured by a Huppah and a whole lot of chairs. Barbara took advantage of the situation and painted the scene ‘as is.’ And if the likes on Face Book are any indication – to great success. Me? I did some drawing, laid down some paint and came back the next Friday to work – without benefit of a wedding.

[WARNING SHOP TALK] The cooler Friday weather put me in a productive mood, resulting in a decent painting. I brought it up to the point where I could come home and put in the final details. Mr V. looked at it and encouraged me to bring up the darks (watercolorists generally work from light to dark) slowly; preserving the subtlety that was in the underpainting. Screwed up the stairs, put in a bench to take attention off of them, and eliminated the black metal handrail. Mainly because my fine line brush is much like my truck’s tire alignment – it veers to the left.

They let us take home a pomegranate.