Watercolor #40 in 35 Years: Singer Park Pasadena

by Pasadena Adjacent



I had a bad feeling about this location. First off, I was still working on the ‘Old Mill’ painting and wasn’t prepared to switch gears. When I did arrive at Singer Park, I noticed all my fellows were huddled into the north east corner. An indication that that might be the only focal point worth pursuing. Or at least one with shade. But just to be certain, I followed the circular path taking photos along the way. And this view was my first stop. The restroom.

To be fair, I did make it over to the gang. And I did try with all my heart to draw the Pergola that was near them, but it just wasn’t happening. So I went back to the restroom, did a little drawing, a little painting – all with disastrous results. At some point it occurred to me that painting a public restroom is probably not a wise choice. People like paintings with yellow in them – they don’t like bathrooms. Which might explain the endless argument on how to hang a roll of toilet paper. But I liked the apartment buildings on the other side of the fence. So there you have it.

[WARNING SHOP TALK] Barbara, upon seeing my sad start, encouraged me to turn the paper over and began again – she also said she had faith I could turn it around too. I took option B, got up early the next morning and made the restroom painting work. Then dropped in on the PCC swap meet, picked up a bunch of brushes from my favorite vender, returned home, and made everything else work. Mr V suggested keeping the background apartments low key. If I could change anything, it would be to remove the trees from behind the bathroom. The apartments are interesting.