The Curtain Closes on my Wee Sidekick

by Pasadena Adjacent

“You can survive any loss,” the old man whispered, “if you delight in whatever is left to you.”

near the start

near the finish

That Cats Killing Me (for a while now) and a week ago Friday, I got to return the favor. But lets not be morbid. Lets skip the Rainbow Bridge which despite its ridiculous sentimentality, always results in bringing up snot. Instead, we here at Pasadena Adjacent choose to pay tribute to our favorite pint-sized star Tova-Rose; kitty queen of the multiple postings.


Our wayward Tova made her first appearance on this blog, (in three acts). After having gone Kerouac on us; we “conceptually” celebrated the anniversary of Tova’s return from 10 days on the road (one year later, in real-time). Ten days anxiously spent in the adjacents running from shelter to shelter, knocking on doors, posting bills and walking the streets at night shaking a box of kitty kibble in a state of utter despair.

Then there was the time when Tova had a complete physical breakdown; (in two episodes). That was costly. More so when the treatment failed to quell the symptoms. So we nuked her, (in two acts) and generously shared the image of her thyroid tumor with you.

Then one of our personal favorites. Under less duress, Tova graciously agreed to play the part of the hapless heroine in the Trash Tuesday #62, remake of King Kong. Our “wee thespian for the ages” adhered faithfully to the following script

“Witness the mightiest of all creatures pitted against his rival in a colossal struggle of monster verses small domestic feline”

 We know what your thinking, brilliant! brava Tova! kudos to you for upstaging that big ass monkey!

Small Domestic Feline, originally uploaded by Access Palm 2009.

sweet dreams, you miserable little cretin, you wear my heart