Our Lady of Sorrows

by Pasadena Adjacent

It’s been a time of intense debate marked by deadlines and heat waves. All roads headed south towards water are choked. All roads north have been staked out by MetroScheme as potential freeways. And streams are dry (Arroyo Seco). After the second power outage, this editor, in a fit of despair, headed east to the closest water source she knows, “be it ever so ersatz, theres no place like home.” Those refuges of the wilder-nanity, suburb-anity interface, Bambi and Wiley, agree.

As for keeping it “real” please consider signing the Save Hahamongna Petition

Update: Thumbs up to the Los Angeles City Council for its unanimous vote to oppose ALL of Metro’s proposed 710 extension highway and tunnel routes. A historical moment.  The editor was there. 

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