John Kilduff: Sincere Gimmick Guy

by Pasadena Adjacent



Meet painter John Kilduff. John is a man with a plan. For someone with a degree in contemporary art, he did the unthinkable; John displayed his paintings at a municipal art fair. He’s not an idiot, he chose Beverly Hills; ching ching. When OJ took over our airwaves 24/7 you could catch John, in his plein aire mode, sequestered among the media. Locals may recall the media’s massive presence down at Parker Center. Desperate for a story, reporters took to interviewing nattily attired John in front of his easel. John’s subject matter?  satellite dishes.

Long before blogging, John used technology to get noticed. This video is from Kilduff’s long running cable series “Lets Paint TV”(part of his M.F.A. thesis at U.C.L.A.). His tenacity seems to be paying off. The man’s created a following. It’s not John’s first stint with cable television. In the mid 90’s I was the object of his reportage. He waited until I was completely inebriated to conduct the interview. He gave me a copy. It’s embarrassing. No…humiliating.

Inspiration:Stephs Sketches

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