B is for Betsy

by Pasadena Adjacent

KieferWinterLandscape1970Anselm Kiefer Winter Landscape, 1970

An internet meme has been making the rounds lately. Your asked to create a list of ten books that have had the most influence on you. After selecting ten titles you ask ‘X’ number of others to participate. No one asked me.

Gretchen Erhlick            The Silence of Open Spaces

John Steinbeck               Grapes of Wrath

Jerzy Kosinski                 The Painted Bird

Charlotte Solomen         Uber Theater Oder Leban

Flannery O Conner         Short Stories

James Welsh                    The Death of Jim Loney

James Michner                Centennial

Nobakov                            Nobakovs Dozen

Catherin Dunn                  Geek Love

Jean Baudrillard               Simulcra and Simulation

Joan Didion                       The Year of Magical Thinking


Feeling like the odd-girl out? no one asked you either? Boo hoo you! Your welcome to participate on my comment thread.  I’m listening.